Friday, June 15, 2007

It's been an awfully ugly week... at work. Lots of drama. For the most part I am only peripherally involved but just knowing some of the things that are being said and done makes me feel really slimy. So to save my sanity I am taking a half day today and hitting Knitty City. A little retail therapy is always useful. Thankfully I can do this guilt free since I am part of the Summer Blockbuster Swap over at FiberFlix. I have to buy yarn for my swap buddy. All the fiber fun, no guilt. It doesn't get better than that.

Anastasia is actually moving along at a good clip. I'm already doing the heel. There is a faint possibility that I will finish it this weekend. That would make me happy beyond belief. A couple of washcloths for teacher gifts and then on to Loksins and Swallowtail. My goal is to make myself the Loksins for my birthday (11 days until the 27th). They don't have to be done by then but they should be in progress.

Father's Day should be low key. Avery has a chess match tomorrow and Ian and I are going to see Fantastic Four 2 so Rinaldo should have some peace and quiet for most of the day. No official plans for Sunday but that sounds like a good plan in and of itself after this week.

Have a great weekend everyone and pass along Father's Day wishes to all the Dad's out there...