Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After a hellish week last week a nice peaceful weekend was just what I needed. Of course a little fiber purchase at Knitty City didn't hurt either. I had an AMEX gift card sitting in my wallet since Mother's Day and it was time to set it free. In return they let this come home with me:

Isn't it pretty? Even Rinaldo comments every time he walks by it.

Saturday Ian and I went to see Fantastic Four as planned. I loved it but bear in mind you must be able to see it with a 5 year old's perspective to appreciate it. Any adult thought will completely ruin the effect;) On Sunday I got up early to set up Rinaldo's present which was a hammock. He loved it even though Ian had to explain to him that it was a present for both of them:

I didn't finish Anastasia but I really didn't expect to. I'm on the cuff and that's the home stretch for me. The second one is so much easier and it's also coming out way better. I'm still not a toe up fan but I'm glad to have added a new method to my repertoire which is all it was about anyway.

The week started well. I finally received the official promotion that I've been waiting for. I've been doing the job a few years now but it's taken a while to get the job reclassified in the NYU bureaucracy. That helped to shake off more of last week's ugliness. This morning I was given a venti instead of a grande chai so today is going well so far too. I suppose after last week there was no place to go but up.