Thursday, June 21, 2007

I actually finished the damn socks! Look they came out pretty damn well:

The second one was way easier and faster. It took me a little over a week but there were a few days where I barely knit on them at all so that was actually fast. I no longer hate toe up socks but it still feels weird. Next time I try them I want to do a heel flap and a different toe to see how that goes. Although I didn't hate the short rows at all.

This morning I cast on for a washcloth for Ian's other teacher:

Simple, quick, I've already had to rip it out twice, so much for non-taxing...

Go wish my dear Gina a happy birthday. While you're at it you could go wish Susan a happy belated birthday. It couldn't have been fun sharing your birthday with Father's Day! All us June babies gotta stick together.

Almost Friday people...