Friday, May 11, 2007

Throw it all up in the air and see where it lands...

Today I have some pictures for you of the things I didn't show you Wednesday. Sadly most of them are not long for this world.

First up we have Falling in Love in STR:

...our love is still strong but the STR is coming between us. Falling in Love is not made for handpainted yarn and it's too dark and thick to work anyway, see:

I decided to give it a go with some Lisa Souza that I have, I know, I know another handpainted yarn but lighter in color and thinner:

Love this yarn, love, love, love this pattern? Not so much:
So here's the deal. Falling in Love will be saved for a different yarn altogether. The Lisa Souza will be RPMs and the STR will be Anastasia. So everyone will be frogged. I'll cast on for Anastasia tonight.

This put me in the mood to reassess my gloves:

Guess what? Not feeling it. Quick to the frog pond...
I'll be swapping it out for some Lush that's been marinating in the stash for a few years:

Bea asked to see swallowtail which I don't think has grown much since I last posted a picture of it:
It coming along fine I'm just neglecting it horribly.

By the way since I was taking pictures on the deck I thought I'd show you the latest shot. Rinaldo added an arch and fixed the fence. The fence still needs to be painted and one look at the yard and you know that there is some serious weeding to do but considering how it looked when we started it's amazing:
I guess I'll be ripping yarn and ripping weeds this weekend. Have a good one!