Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking Stock

Since it's the beginning of May I thought it was a good time to revisit some of the goals I set for myself in January.

Knit From Your Stash -
This is actually going very well. I haven't purchased any yarn since December. I did receive some yarn as a gift and some freebies from the Yarn Harlot's Represent event but that's allowed. I have knit about 17 skeins/balls from my stash since the start of the year. What I'd really like to do is catalog my stash, get it into a spreadsheet so I can really see if I've made a dent. I also want to go through and figure out the yarn I know at this point I will never use. This weekend is a bit busy so I don't think I'll get it done then but maybe next weekend.

Off the Shelf-
Not so good on the book thing. I've bought at least 3 books and have grabbed countless freebies. So I've made very little progress there. My husband pointed out that my goal of no new books until my birthday was foolish anyway since we have Book Expo at the end of May. That is the mother of all book conferences and I always get a ton of books from that. Hell, I still have a stack sitting in my closet from the last one. It's a double edged sword being a bookseller who loves books.

Run-a-go-go -
Ha ha ha 'nuff said.

Blog Poll has been down since yesterday so I have no freakin' idea which pattern won. Falling in Love was in the lead last time I was able to access it so if it's not back up by Monday that is what I will use. That's the one I wanted anyway;). Thanks for voting!

I have been hanging out at the new hot spot for knitters, Ravelry. My favorite popular kids all hang there and one of them was kind enough to extend me an invite as it's still in beta so it's not open to the public yet. Go get on the waiting list though as it's really a pretty cool way to participate in a knitting community.

A few links I wanted to share.

Check out Stitch THIS! over at Cafe Press. I love Liv, she's such a great mascot for the bad ass knitters of the world.

Did you know that knitters now have our own Wikipedia? WikiKnitting I haven't checked it out much yet. Too caught up in Ravelry but it looks pretty informative.

To quote a good friend, "thank Christ it's Friday"...

Have a great weekend!