Friday, May 25, 2007

I got nothing more for you than I did yesterday. Really I have less. I nearly finished the second bootie last night then I realized the cable was on the wrong side. Don't ask me how I have no freakin' idea. I did manage to finish it on the train to work today although I haven't sewed it up yet.

I didn't mention what a blast knitting group was on Tuesday. Chante and Shameka were working on their socks and making me jealous. Maribel was also working on her pretty socks. She's on her second Hedera not that she'd show you on her blog. We even got Tisha going on her first sock, through the magic of Magic Loop. I worked on Swallowtail most of the evening with a few rounds on Anastasia at the end. Marsha who asked us all to do a square to make blankets for the wounded soldiers she is visiting next month brought all the finished blankets. She had us pose for pictures:

The blankets came out great.

Hey, did we all know that June 9th is International Knit in Public Day? I sure didn't.

On Sunday we're having a bbq. You know how you invite too many people since you know many won't show? What does one do when they all agree to come? Run screaming? No, huh, ok maybe I'll sneak out to LI and hang with Poe in the pool. Rinaldo can handle the bbq right?

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!