Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I had planned on having some pictures to show you all the projects I'm working on while I'm caught in the grips of startiritis but I was too lazy to take pictures after I got home from my knitting group last night.

Currently on the needles I have:

The Swallowtail Shawl - currently in a state of neglect. Why is it that I get about 30 rows in to a lace shawl and stop dead. This has happened twice on Charlotte. It's like my own personal border issue. I don't seem to have the appropriate visa to continue into lace country.

Garter Stitch baby hat - not loving this either but I want it to match the kimono so I need to finish it up. I'm sick of this damn yarn (Mary Maxim Kashmere, don't laugh- grr). I have tons of it. I think it's time to divest myself of it.

Doctor Who fingerless gloves - the pattern is great but I'm not feeling the leftover Silky Wool from Gyrid. I'm also not feeling the magic loop on this one. I think I'm going to switch yarns before I go any further, I'm going to continue the looping though...for now.

Falling in Love socks - these are going well. The biggest issue is the fact that I can't see the lace pattern showing up yet. It could be the darkness of the yarn, it could simply be the whole lace blooming when blocking thing. I'm going to keep going because they look cute regardless. Here's some sucky camera phone shots for you:

look ma, a provisional cast on:

...and here we are as of 2:00 today:

It's a really good pattern. Of course there was some panic last night at my knitting group when I ran into the K4tog, yup that's right knit 4 together. That was more than slightly intimidating. I pointed it out to Chante and the panic in her eyes made me feel much better. Of course today she came up with an alternative, 'cause she's like that;)

Since I'm feeling that somehow this post is rather sparse, here is some Ian cuteness. We met Diego at the Bronx Zoo on Saturday as part of their Cinco de Mayo celebration. Ian was absolutely thrilled:

Happy Wednesday...