Thursday, May 24, 2007

I really wish I had a meme for today. I was sick in bed all day yesterday so I didn't take any pictures. I have been somewhat productive though. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

I'm about half-way on the swallowtail. Once I got the rhythm of it, it started to go very quickly. It's a really fun knit, especially for lace. I am screwing up very rarely, though I'll admit to a few here and there. I can't wait to block it to really see how lovely it is.

I also finished the second baby kimono. I have to sew the ribbon on to both kimonos. I went to the craft store on Saturday and bought more ribbon since I still haven't found the original one I bought. I like the new one better anyway. Its a cream rather than a white so it matches the kimono better. I also bought a nice green for the other kimono.

I also made a bootie, and amazingly it looks baby sized. Whodathunkit? I used this pattern. It's a very good pattern for worsted weight. The problem I always run into with booties is that most patterns are written for fingering weight and I like them to match the other items I'm making which are invariably in worsted. This bootie seems to fit the bill.

I've worked on Anastasia a bit but I think I'm still suffering from falling out of love with my first pattern choice. Of course it doesn't help when other people are having so much fun with Love. I like the way my socks are coming out but I have no real urge to work on them. Maybe that'll change once swallowtail is finished.

Only 24 and a half hours left until the long weekend...