Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wednesday is Gift Day

The number one search that leads people to my blog is "ipod cozy". Now I have made two felted cozies that were frankly pretty sucky. I have always felt bad for those web surfers who when probably looking for a pattern, end up only finding a picture of my poor efforts.

The problem is that much like small dogs and children, IPODS must be kept warm in the cold weather. I don't really understand why this is but the batteries drain faster in the cold and the response is slower when you are using it. So I have continued to harbor a desire to make something to keep my friend warm.

This year Apple introduced IPOD Socks. For $29 you can buy 6 socks that are one size fits all for the IPOD. I looked at them in my husband's store and said, "hey, I can make a cooler sock than that". So here they are, my IPOD sock cozies:

first the mini

I don't actually own a mini so I used the store display at Ray's store. The wonderful and charming Ulysses is standing in as my hand model. While I have always loved Uli for his wicked humor, charm and good looks, I had no idea he had so much talent hidden away.

and the full model

(and yes that is my own Special Edition U2 IPOD, I'm a sucker for anything in black)

and the pattern:

IPOD Sock Cozy

Size 2 DPNS
Scrap sock yarn
Gauge 10st = 1"

Cast on 42 stitches (54 for the full size)

Knit in a 2x4 rib (K2, P4)
Continue until tube measures 4"(mini), 4.25 for full size.

Use the three needle bind off.
Turn inside out.

It's really basic and it's completely planned with simplicity in mind. It works up really fast and the best thing is that uses those small balls of yarn that get leftover when you make socks.

It's nothing anyone couldn't come up with, I simply did the math for you!

Ian performed in his first school show yesterday. So I will leave you with a completely gratuitous shot of my baby in a Santa hat:

Merry Christmas!