Monday, December 20, 2004

I had a fairly low key weekend. Ray worked on Saturday, so the boys and I just hung out at home. Thankfully just as cabin fever was about to set in he called from work and asked if we wanted to meet him and go to Unos for dinner. We did the online curbside pick up which was pretty cool. The boys and I were very happy to get out of the house.

On Sunday we went to the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Unfortunately Ian was not really in the mood to hit the shops. He really just wanted to run around. I remember when Avery was 3 he was the same way. I think he was 5 before we took him back to the mall.

Avery and I also had to hit the library for the report he is working on about Colonial America. Unfortunately the library in my neighborhood is closed on weekends due to budget cuts. So we went down to the main Bronx library which is open on Sundays. We found 3 books for him to use so it was a successful trip. If anybody has any info on tools used during Colonial times, please share!

I realize I forgot to mention the 2 things I learned when I made Avery's ear flap cap.

#1 - I learned the cable cast on. Now it really isn't that different than the knit cast on which I already knew, but it's always nice to add to the repetoire.

#2 - I actually did a single crochet edging around the hat to keep the stockinette from curling. This is fairly amazing for me. I've always had problems doing more that a crocheted chain, but I have been secretly trying to learn. I've been using my Family Circle Knitting magazines. I succeeded a few weeks back in doing a swatch in single crochet. That inspired me to try it with the hat. It looked really good. It gave it a nice finishing touch. Even my husband commented on it.

I set aside the scarf this weekend so I could work on a secret project. I had hoped to share it today, but it's not quite ready yet. I am now planning for Wednesday.

See you then...