Monday, December 06, 2004

We put up our tree last weekend but I didn't get to take a picture until last night.

You may notice that it is boxing in my knitting corner, I'm surviving though. Ian likes the fact that we had to put the end table behind the tree. It allows him to climb back there and get DVDs out whenever he wants (the DVD rack had previously been turned to the wall to prevent us watching never ending marathons of Elmo, Bob the Builder and Dora everyday).

I started this on Friday:

Of course you can't tell what it is, it's an ear flap hat.

I spent most of Friday and Saturday on the ear flaps themselves since they double as swatches. Avery you may remember picked himself out some Alpaca at Rhinebeck to make a hat out of. I suspected at the time it was too thin but he had his heart set on it. However once I started knitting it was obvious that it really was too thin. I showed him how thin the swatch was and proposed that I double strand it with some Paton's Classic that I had in my stash. He reluctantly agreed but once he saw them knitted together he was happy again. I have to admit they look quite good together:

(Sorry the closeup is a little blurry, but I was too tired to take it again.)
He had also requested the design of it and so far he's pretty pleased. I'm happy because it's going quickly. After this Tashi has requested a hat made to her specifications so I guess of the few gifts I do actually make this year they will almost all be hats!

I am doing the world's slowest job on the finishing of the striped sweater. I have the shoulders seamed and about 1/4 of the stitches picked up at the neckline. Unfortunately the Stepford Wives was very short and that's all I got done and I haven't picked it up since. The movie was funny by the way, but I like the original so much better. I may pick the sweater back up tonight unless we decide to watch Hero. Subtitles and seaming just don't go together very well...