Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I had a very busy holiday weekend, unfortunately that means that I got very little knitting done.

On Christmas Eve my husband and I drove out to Ikea and bought a few things. That night I put this together:

My new bed!

On Christmas day I sent Rinaldo and the boys to his family's dinner, without me. I stayed home and put these together:

I also re-did the boys' room now that I have the bookshelves so that kept me quite busy. I was really very depressed and more than a bit weepy. The first holiday season without my mother was hard. So I decided back breaking labor was the way to improve my mood. I have to say it worked quite well. It has also led to this whole "let's fix up the apartment mood" for me and Ray.

Yesterday instead of hanging out in the city with Katy and Jody, I was stuck in Home Depot buying more things to spruce up the house. I don't recall ever having such a compulsion to fix things up but I suppose it's another way of putting this year behind me.

I received some nice things for Christmas but I won't bore you with a list. I will say that Maribel got me Knit Wit, which I had been dying for and my favorite gift was a set of speakers for my IPOD. They're so cute the IPOD just docks right in the middle of them.

I will be retiring the Devan Along on Friday, let's see if I can finish mine by then!