Friday, December 10, 2004

I have been informed by my favorite 17 year old, my cousin Natasha, that I must amend number 10 on my list of 100 things. It should read "I am glad I don't have a daughter, except Natasha". As you may have guessed if you read the comment that she left last night, Tashie has no self esteem issues whatsoever.

In many ways she is right though. One of the reasons I enjoy the relationship Tashie and I have is because she is my ideal daughter and yet not my daughter at all. This allows for much more openess in our relationship. I like to believe that she feels she can tell me anything without fear of reprisals. It's always been that way between us and I think parents and children can really only get to this point when the child is grown and even then I suspect even in the best of relationships there are always things you can't tell your mom!

Having said that, I will say that if I did have a daughter I would want her to be just like Tashie. Who is growing into an amazing woman in her own right.

I was surprised at how easy it was to do the 100 list and also at how much more I had to say. Guess I love to talk about myself, big surprise there, I also don't have too many issues in the self-esteem department! I have decided to blame the lack of comments not to a lack of love from my readers but to the fact that the Harlot posted her 100 the day before. Obviously my thunder was simply stolen from me.

I finished the ear flap hat but forgot to upload the pictures. I've started a hat ordered by Tashie to her specifications so I hope to finish that this weekend. I am also plowing along on finishing the striped sweater for DH. I actually finished the collar last night.

I will also be attempting to control myself from buying this (the first kit on the list). Please remind me that I live in an apartment. I have plenty of yarn. I barely have time to knit, why oh why should I learn to spin. If one believes marijuana is a gateway drug, this is surely a gateway tool. Leading up to a spinning wheel, which I swore I would never get until we own a house where I have room for it. Stop me please!

I also got a package in the mail this week, but I'll tell you all about that on Monday.

Have a great weekend!