Thursday, December 16, 2004

I had an excellent evening of knitting last night. I had bought The Misfits DVD a few weeks ago for $5.99 and last night I finally got to watch it. I really love that movie. Of course I have a huge thing for Montgomery Clift, even in his later years.

I was able to finish Tashie's hat. She was very happy:

I also started yet another Multidirectional Scarf:

This one is for my mother's doctor. She was so supportive and wonderful during my mother's illness. She was also always admiring my knitting. So I thought she would appreciate a knitted gift.

I was finally able to pin Ian down to take a picture with his hat. He's always willing to take a picture, he is not always willing to wear his hat!

It really is looser than I planned, but with all his hair it actually works. He even likes to wear it when he's outside.

This was on one of the Knitting lists this morning. It's amazing what people can do when they have time on their hands, they can even crochet chaos. What do you say Bron are you up to the challenge?

And finally yet another quiz, this one courtesy of Stephannie:

Punk Mama
You're a punk rock mommy! DIY is probably your
motto, because you're a punk mama at heart.
Your kids are getting your independent spirit
and guts, and learning to solve problems
themselves. You love it when they show their
independence, even when it's breaking your

What kind of a freaky mother are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yup that's me...

Have a great weekend!