Friday, April 02, 2004

Spring Knitty Has Bloomed

Leave it to Knitty to help chase away my knitting blahs. I absolutely am dying to finish my projects so I can make this, this, this and of course this!

Alison as always has the eye for styles I love and I do miss the comfort of my maternity clothes (without the shape that accompanied them), so Rosebud is a winner. I love Anouk and I was just looking for the perfect thing to make for a lovely little girl named Isabella who just joined our bookstore family and here it is. Devan is perfect for my toddler. It suits him so well and having just discovered the joy of striping sock yarn I am really dying to use it on something bigger than a sock. Bonbon is going into the Mother's Day baskets I had already decided to make for my friends, along with other pampering stuff.

Can you tell I'm excited? This of course means that finishing weekend must go off without a hitch. Hopefully the Knitty excitement will carry me through.

As far as the Shapely tank goes, I succeeded today in completing the first short row section and the picking up of the short row wraps, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I'll try to post a picture tonight when I get home.