Thursday, April 29, 2004

I got back on late Monday from my cruise but it's taken me this long to get back in the swing of things. I wish I had more to report on the knitting front. I never did get the right gauge with the microspun for Anouk so I re-did the math and figured out my number of cast on stitches, but I didn't have the patience to re-figure the decreases so I didn't start. I worked on the chenille towel so that's coming along. I am hopeful that my Spring Knit-up projects will all be done this weekend (since the towel is the last of the three).

I haven't worked on the shapely tank at all. I'm feeling a bit guilty about it (go check out Sharon's thoughts on guilt) but I really need to get the chenille towel monkey of my back!

As a consolation prize here are some pictures of my trip:

This is Tisha wading in the water of Coco Cay (that is Royal Caribbean' private Island):

This is the view from our boat of Paradise Island as we pulled away. If you look carefully in the distance you can see the Atlantis Hotel and Resort. Tisha and I took an excursion there and it was amazing. They had the most beautiful aquariums and the largest Casino in the Caribbean. The whole place is built to look like an Atlantean Palace:

Finally an extremely rare shot of me. I'm standing on the top deck of the boat and that is Nassau behind me:

We had a great time and I highly recommend taking a weekend cruise to any moms out there (and anybody else for that matter). It's long enough to really relax but short enough so you don't feel bad (there's that guilt thing again!) about leaving your family. I'm really glad I went.