Monday, February 12, 2007

My day off was fun. I didn't really knit much at all but I did relax and that's all I really wanted anyway. The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. Saturdays are always kind of nuts now with the boys' classes. There's too little time in between them to really get anything done but it's long enough to feel like you could be doing something else. It was compounded this weekend by the fact that Rinaldo was working. This means taking the bus and that adds time to the whole endeavor.

On Sunday I took one look at my house and flipped out. I was supposed to go to my knitting group at Ethical but I decided I needed to do something with my living room. Our living room is truly a living room. We all spend nearly all of our time there. There's the playroom downstairs but Avery only goes down to play video games on weekends and Ian only goes to play with his trains. Otherwise Ian is playing with toys upstairs and Avery has various books and things hanging out on the coffee table. Every few weeks I go through all the crap that has made it's home there and I relegate it back downstairs or upstairs to the boys rooms but Ian in particular always makes sure the best toys make their way back to the living room. Yesterday I hit Target and bought this plus a few of these in beige and did this:

Not bad right? I've been trying to talk Rinaldo into letting me get one of these cube things for awhile but he wasn't convinced. Yesterday the clutter was so out of control that he would have agreed with anything I suggested. In the end he loves it. I put the pictures on the cubes of what should go in them, ostensibly for Ian, to get him to help clean up more but honestly it's more for my mother in law who believes that any empty space is a good place to put a stack of something or stick little things in. It drives me bananas.

I did some knitting on Ian's sweater as well:

It is so damn slow working with DK but it's finally looking like something. So I'll keep going. The alpaca is a pleasure to work with so I can't complain there.

Happy Monday all!