Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What happens when a knitter gets bored...

I finally have those pictures to show you. These were actually taken on Friday but as you may recall I forgot to bring my camera cable to work.

This is what 9.25 inches of stockinette and seed stitch border look like:

This is how much yarn I had left on the second ball:

I did end up tinking back and re-did the last row so I could get the necessary stitch holders on it. Now this was on Friday and today is Tuesday. You might expect a sleeve or two to be done by now. Right? No. I was so dreadfully bored with it that I started seeing knitting projects where there were none before. Case in point, may I introduce Wubbzy:

Now picture me on the couch early Sunday morning. Everyone else is asleep, except Ian who is watching his new favorite show. I am not knitting because I haven't touched that damn sweater since Friday. I look up from the book I am trying to finish and there is Wubbzy. My first thought is,"hey I could knit him". Yeah, I know, let's not get into how pathetic it is that all I can think about watching pre-school TV is the knittability of the characters.

This is what I had by last night:

...complete with posable tail:

Ian thinks I rock.

Have a good Tuesday...