Friday, February 16, 2007

I have finally reached the 9.25" mark on Ian's sweater. I have next to no yarn left on the second ball. I think I will tink back a row to do the last row to get it on stitch holders. I don't see any way the tiny amount that is left will get me through the last row and it would be ridiculous to add another ball at this point.

I did actually take a picture but, ha ha, I don't have my cable with me so you'll have to use your imagination.

Rinaldo called me when he got to work this morning and told me I can, "never, ever talk about knitting" in his presence again. It seems that after he dropped Ian off at school he went to the train and ended up sitting next to the woman we bought Hiro from. She has been trying to learn to knit since I first met her. She is taking a class at The Point. She then started talking to him about her project and the yarn and whatnot and my poor husband understood everything she was talking about. He found himself explaining to her that although she may hate to purl she will be greatly limited if she doesn't become comfortable with it. She said she would stick to scarves and other flat things. She would never be able to do a hat. Then the woman sitting on his other side chimed in saying that she was listening to their conversation and explained that you can make a hat by knitting it flat, decreasing and sewing up the side.

Now this is where it gets really funny. You see my husband admits he has become more than a bit of a snob about knitting, so he tells me this hat offended him. He said, "it was acrylic, it was in a mishmash of colors, the yarn was knit on needles to big for it so it had gaping holes and the seam looked like my appendectomy scar". LOL, then he said why would she ever show it to anyone. He's a little harsh but funny. This woman asked the woman he was with what kind of yarn she had, was it cotton? She answered that it was wool and Rinaldo pointed out that it was merino.

He is completely and utterly ashamed of himself that he could speak so knowingly of a hobby he doesn't even do himself.

I think he's awfully cute;)

Yay it's Friday and a long weekend whoo hoo! Enjoy the three days off if you have them!