Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday, Monday

It is too damn cold this morning for anybody to have to go out. Seriously if it's not at least double digits then everything should just bloody well close. When it's nine degrees outside, thats -12.78 °C for you celsius types, I should be able to stay under the covers and do nothing. My children should be able to as well. I just chalk it up to one of those if I ruled the world things, I have quite a few of those. Deciding how things would work if I was the benign dictator of the world that I was born to be is one of my favorite hobbies.

The other of course is why we're here yes? May I present the lovely clapotis:

...and in close up:

The color is lovely (sorry Bel) and it went quite quickly. I do love that pattern. I am not however loving the Morehouse Merino. While it is soft to the touch and makes for a very comfortable scarf it had so many freakin' knots in it and of course they all seemed to land on the drop stitches where they can't hide. Still and all I'll probably be the only person to notice them so it's being gifted nonetheless.

Back to the subject of cold. The main floor of my house is quite drafty. We did quite a bit to eliminate the draft but it can still be quite chilly, especially early in the morning before the heat has come up fully. The denziens of my house have different ways of dealing with this.

This is how Ian watched his Sunday morning cartoons yesterday:

The cats have other ideas, they typically fight over this corner but yesterday they found a way to share:

Stay warm!