Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I finished the first sock for my mother in law. It went nice and fast, gotta love a small foot. I didn't take a picture yet so I'll make you wait for the pair. She tried it on yesterday and pronounced it perfect. I'd best get to the second one and fast or she'll nag me to death!

I cast on for one of the teacher gifts yesterday. Here is the start of Odessa in Four Play:

I've decided to not do the beads this time. I really do love the pattern, nice and mindless but pretty and of course you all know how orgasmic Four Play makes me;)

I am actively trying to not start a cute cat blog but I felt the need to share. On Halloween while Rinaldo and the boys were up in Rockland trick or treating, Maribel and I were hanging out watching some stuff on the DVR and an old movie. Maribel it should be said is a dog person, not a cat person...not at all, not even a little. She loves her some Hiro though, he even survived stealing her sock:
Rinaldo had the camera hence the crappy cell phone shot

He's a handful that one...

...it's Tuesday, go vote!!!