Thursday, November 16, 2006

U is for Umbrella

I have a love/hate relationship with umbrellas and it took me years to figure out why. I rarely use them even if I remember to carry one with me, which I never do. I do recall having a really cool bubble one that I loved beyond comprehension when I was a little girl, otherwise umbrellas were not an accessory I really had use for.

It occurred to me awhile back that blind people do not use umbrellas. Kind of hard to navigate with a cane or a dog while carrying an umbrella. As an older child I wouldn't have carried one because it would get it the way of me guiding my parents. As a rule this was accomplished by my dad putting his hand on my shoulder so I could lead while my mother held his arm. An umbrella would have been hopelessly in the way in that situation.

Now I find that as a mother and wife I am an umbrella fan. Both boys have umbrellas in their bookbags at all times, Avery's is the light blue and Ian's is the Go Diego Go. I strongly encourage Rinaldo to use his, the purple NYU AMC one, yet I still often forget mine, the lovely Egyptian one (a birthday gift from Maribel). I was pondering this on Monday when Avery and I were waiting for a bus to get home from Parent Teacher conferences. I was drenched and my beautiful umbrella, which I will say I love more than any I have had before, was sitting at home nice and dry.

Old habits die hard...