Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In between ABC Along catch ups there is actually some knitting going on. I finished the first Odessa on Friday, then I made another on Sunday. I really love the pattern but I'm not overly thrilled with this yarn and pattern combo. See the pooling:

and the flip side:

Now the red is much nicer in my opinion but I have to say everyone else loves these hats so I'm calling them a success and they will be given. I have one more Odessa to do with my third skein of Four Play, then it's on to 2 lady hats. I am however taking a little break to finish my mother in law's other sock first. I posted a bit more about the hats over at the Love Thy Teacher blog if anyone is interested.

I had Avery's parent teacher conference last night. It went very well. I am very proud of how hard he is working and the way he has transitioned from his Bronx Laid Back progressive school into a much more intense traditional middle school. He's really coming into his own. His teachers love him and he loves them as well. I still had huge anxiety over the meetings simply because I have scars from past parent teacher conferences. I am torn about going to Ian's. I'm worried that the teachers don't see all the progress I am seeing. Ian is good at not showing his teachers what he knows. As far as I can see he's doing beautifully. He's learned all his letter sounds, and can spell words that we sound out together pretty damn well. I'm very proud of him and I'll be distraught if they tell me anything different. I think I will let Rinaldo go and we will switch for the Spring meeting.

I am still waiting for my damn KnitPicks order. The tracking says it got to NYC on Thursday but it can take days for it to get through NYU Mail Services sometimes. I'm ready to try the magic loop method on the Christmas Stockings. Maribel came over on Saturday to go over it with me again and I think I got it but I need my 32 inch KnitPicks needles to do it.

I. Hate. Waiting.

...and it's only Tuesday, that so sucks...