Monday, November 13, 2006

T is for Tea...

Yup, how obvious can I be, but tea is serious business in our house, see:

I remember when I was a little girl my mother's friend would come over and make coffee for everyone but she would always make me tea with milk so I could feel included. When I sip a cup of tea, if it's made just right I can still remember that feeling, of playing at being a grown up.

I had a dalliance with coffee as a teenager. Black of course, no sugar. It matched my clothes and my persona. When I met my husband he was a huge tea drinker. In fact he had a nightly tradition of a cup of tea before bed. I found it so funny when his dad stayed with us the first time, he too had to have a cup of tea before retiring.

Mostly I drink plain old Lipton tea but my morning preference is Chai tea. I like the one that comes from concentrate best but I will settle for the teabag version if that's all I have. It's just not quite spicy enough for me (I usually take an extra shot of the concentrate as it is). Peppermint tea is also a favorite and a friend of mine got me into kukicha tea which is amazingly relaxing.

We usually still have our tea at night and on weekends Avery joins us. Ian liked tea as a baby but won't touch it at the moment. I'm sure that will change in time. It brings a nice moment of peace at the end of the day and helps me wind down for the night.

Tea, it's so civilized...