Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I've up and joined another knit along:

I had already ordered the yarn for the Twirl Top Stocking from KnitPicks and we all know how I love to join a knit along that I've already planned something for.

Then I got to thinking, I know of at least a few bloggers who are making gifts for teachers at the moment so why not host a knit along myself! It's been awhile. I hosted the Devan Along a few years ago, and Ian is just now wearing his Devan but it was fun. Katy reminded me that it was how we "met". So ladies and gentleman I present to you the:

Love Thy Teacher Knit Along

I'm giving it it's own blog so it will be fairly low maintenance. Frankly it can go on and on because there will probably be teacher knitting going on near the end of the school year as well. I am envisioning this as less of a "start this now, finish it by..." kind of knit along and more of a sharing of ideas. We all need some inspiration at one time or another so maybe we can help each other out. Join up if you like!

My morning kind of sucked. I spent almost all of it in the dentist's chair. My Root Scaling and Planing is done but now all three wisdom teeth need to be removed and I, at 37, need braces. Yup, thanks ma! My mother thought it was just vanity when the dentist told her to get me braces when I was a kid but now it seems my overbite is causing trauma to my teeth so they ache all the freakin' time. Oh yay, well at least it should be Invisaligns.