Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thank you all for your kind words about my Grandmother, she was very special to me and it was wonderful to share that with you. I realized that I completely forgot to mention that she was of course the person who taught me to knit. I also would like to mention that all those photos came from my cousin Ingileif. She scanned a bunch of pictures she had a few years ago and gave me a disc. Most of my old photos are still in storage from my mother's apartment.

I plan on distracting you from a total lack of knitting by inundating you with pictures. For those who care, Odessa is about as far as she was the first time I took a picture of her. I finally picked it up again yesterday so maybe some progress will be forthcoming (ha!).

Last Saturday Avery and I hung out with his friend Dylan and my friend Leslie (his mom). We visited what is quite possibly my favorite place on earth. The Cloisters:

It was the perfect day for it since I find it particularly peaceful when it's rainy and foggy. This is the view from the balcony:

They do let you take pictures but you must promise not to publish them so I can't show you the Unicorn tapestries, or the statues but trust me it's a great place to visit. The boys attended an activity about medicine in medieval times. They each came home with pouches of freshly picked herbs to help various ailments and bring good luck. They had a good time, this photo of Avery notwithstanding (I totally posed him):

On Saturday night our favorite Icelanders arrived:

We fired up the grill on Sunday to welcome them to NYC:

Rinaldo has taken to grilling very well and the rest of us have learned not to touch his new toy. Much fun was had on their all too brief visit. I seem to have been too busy having fun to take many pictures. Ian loved the baby and he still asks for her although he understands she went home on an airplane:

Amazingly even with the kleinur and chocolate that they brought me I seemed to have stayed on track with Weight Watchers. I received my 10% lost keychain this week:

Yay me!

Happy Saturday everyone!