Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thank you all for the kind words. I find it really interesting that Cara and Angelia both said "adventurous" because of my train trip to Brooklyn. I am far from adventurous but if I can get there by subway I'll go just about anywhere. I've also always felt that as long as there was a subway near by I could never get lost.

The fair was a lot of fun. I managed to restrain myself in my purchases, being broke helped a lot, but I got a couple of goodies. The boys were phenomenally patient and seem to have had a good time as well. Avery was my official photographer so I could browse and keep an eye on Ian, so all these shots were taken by him.

These were the first things that caught my eye:

These adorable needles are made by Kiku. The needles were bamboo but it's the figures that they put on the top that I fell in love with. If you'll notice the purple devil duckies in the picture, you should know they went home with me.

The spinners were well represented:

They were getting lots of appreciation. I stayed away since I didn't want to come home with any type of fiber. It was very, very difficult.

I was walking along at one point and I noticed a woman talking to her friend , walking and knitting. I realized that it was Vickie Howell from Knitty Gritty. I didn't say anything since I assumed she was there to enjoy the fair herself. Later I found her at a booth where she was signing her books:

So here's what I came home with, aren't you proud of my self control?

I got the sweetest e-mail today Adelle. She's a professional blogger and one of her blogs is about knitting. She said she loved my blog so much she was presenting me with an award:

Too cool right? Thanks Adelle, I really appreciate it.

Since it's late on Tuesday I've decided to give you some linkage since you're probably reading this on Wednesday and we all know Wednesdays are for linkage:

While I am amazingly impressed with this girl and her creation you really have to wonder about someone who has enough time on her hands to create a knitted car.

If you have friends like mine this information might come in handy.

Finally do you think William Shatner will host the knitting 911 TV show if this website is a hit?

Happy Wednesday everyone...