Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is it my birthday already?

No, not quite yet but it was my turn to be the Yarn Abroad recipient.
It seems I was in the radio box group (there is also a drill box going around):

This poor box has been around. It started in Iceland, traveled around the States a bit, then to Germany, back to Iceland, back to Germany and back to the States. It's looking a bit worse for wear but it's hanging in there.

Of course you are all far more interested in what's inside aren't you? Me too, but of course I'm a tease so the box will perform like Gypsy Rose Lee, stripping off a piece at a time:

Lauren sent me some lovely postcards from Arizona:

...a great sock pattern and some gorgeous buttons:

...but my oh my look at the yarn (the picture doesn't even begin to do them justice):

I think I'm in love.

Thank you so much Lauren! And thank you Amanda for coming up with the idea and running with it!