Thursday, June 29, 2006

L is for Little Men

Both of my boys graduated this week. Avery from fifth grade and Ian from Pre-K. Avery moves on to Middle School. He's going into an Honors Program at a school nearby. Only a handful of kids from his school are going with him and he's feeling a bit intimidated by the transition. The good news is that the guidance counselor there was the guidance counselor at his Elementary school for years. She got him through his brother's birth, his grandmother's death and some anger issues he has when he was smaller (wow, I wonder who he got that from;)), so he has a built in support system there. Intimidated though he is, he is also very excited. He is leaving his school which is a progressive model and going into a more traditional setting. He is so excited that he finally gets to use textbooks! I hope he hangs on to that enthusiasm for learning as he gets older. His teacher said he had never met a more enthusiastic learner, that everyday he "bounded into class like Tigger". I'm very proud.

Ian has a big transition too but it maybe a bit easier for him. He is leaving his Special Ed pre-k to go into a General Ed kindergarten. The Kindergarten will be in Avery's old Elementary school. Ian is very well known there and everyone is very excited that he will be there next year. He has met the paraprofessional that will be in the class, as she was Avery's para for his Kindergarten/First Grade years, she remembers when I was pregnant with Ian. He has also seen his teacher although he hasn't formally met her yet. Ian corrects us whenever we refer to "Avery's school" he says it's "Ian's school". He has seen his classroom for next year and is greatly excited about going to Kindergarten. He also has one of his favorite people there to help. Avery's best friend is a year behind him so he will be a Fifth grader next year. The Fifth graders "buddy up" with the incoming Kindergartners so Ian will have a big kid buddy to show him the ropes.I'm hoping he still wakes up everyday excited about going to school. I'm very proud of him too.

I love my little men...