Monday, June 26, 2006

Spin Out

The Spin Out in Central Park was held this Saturday, except it was pouring rain so we couldn't have it in Central Park. Most of Friday night and Saturday morning was spent wondering where a large crowd of people can set up a bunch of spinning wheels, sit, spin, talk and generally have a good time. After much back and forth on various locations the indomitable Cara pulled it all together:

That's standing in the back and my good buddy Ann helping someone with their spinning, next to her sitting down deep in the spinning zone is the fabulous Bakerina. What you want to see me spinning? Go look somewhere else...

Cassie was also there but I held to my tradition of hanging out with her and not getting a picture, it seems silly to stop now. I think it's a tradition she appreciates!

There was much Spin Out swag:
...and of course much fleece and spinning...

...even Ian behaved, I set him up in a corner and since a many of the spinners took their shoes off so did he:

Sadly I had to duck out early. I needed to get Ian home for a haircut and then get Avery (and some cupcakes) over to his graduation party at school. I had a fantastic time and I hope it wasn't so stressful to Cara that she won't do it again. What about next year?

Just because he's too cute here's a shot of Ian trying on his suit for today's graduation, this is of course post-haircut:

Tomorrow - MY BIRTHDAY!!!