Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The last few days I've been wanting to blog but the heat has me feeling horribly lazy. Its too bloody hot to do anything. Then I remembered that I had started a post on Wednesday. A cheap, drive-by post but a post nonetheless (it does of course involve a camera phone, so my apologies).

Look I sent stuff to Dulaan:

This hat was my attempt at mimicking the hat I saw on Veronica Mars that did not work out very well. Still a nice hat otherwise.
Here is the completed sweater:

I ran out of yarn so the turtleneck became a mock neck. This thing took me far longer than I expected. I'm thinking, "hey it's garter stitch, bulky yarn, a nice small size this is going go nice and fast". How wrong could I be? Very, very wrong. Cassie mentioned to me at the Spin Out last week that she thinks garter stitch actually takes longer to show progress and after doing this project I totally agree. I did finish though and I got it there in time, so it's a success.

Have a great Independence Day and I promise a real post involving birthday gifts and the one skein knitalong next time.