Monday, August 23, 2004

I had a pretty good weekend knittingwise anyway. I finished the lap blanket watching the Olympics on Friday:

My husband is very happy with it though it has more pink than he would have liked, but the Woolspun I used as the contrast color appears much more red by itself. It only showed it's true pink self when set against the purple and blue of the Homespun.

I finished the right side of Devan on Sunday:

I don't think you can notice it in the picture but there is something slightly off about my 2 Devan sides. The armhole for the second is nearly an inch longer. Now the left side armhole is an inch larger than the pattern calls for (7" as opposed to 6") but I am doing it in a larger needle so I attributed it to that. Now what I am suspecting is that I sped up my decreases on the left side so that the difference would be fairly small, yet I failed to note that anywhere to remind myself. So I went on my merry way doing the decreases on the right and ended up at 8". My solution? Start the back. I figure I will have to frog a few rows on the right side and bring it down to match the left but I want to get the back done first. So I started it this morning on the train.

I have also started buying yarn for the holiday knitting to come:

Nothing too exciting yet. The red and the blue are the first skeins for Avery's blanket. The burgundy and gold are for a Harry Potter Scarf for a friend. This is the cheaper side of my holiday, the good stuff is yet to come, and do you love the basket I bought for myself at K-Mart. It sits right next to my favorite chair to knit in.

Still nothing from NY Knits, Mya is feeling pretty neglected sitting there half finished...