Monday, August 09, 2004

I finished the body of Mya before I ran out of yarn. I did know I was going to run out of yarn so I placed an order on Friday with New York Knits. Of course I couldn't order just one little ball of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, that would have been cruel and unfair. No one would expect such a small delicate yarn to travel alone, right?

So I in fact did a bit of Christmas shopping. Christmas is all about bags this year (I believe I have mentioned this before) so I picked up a skein of Cascade 220 and the pattern for the Madeline Bag by the talented Julie Anderson. I love her designs and in fact I have e-mailed the boys at Threadbear for a kit for the Amanda Backpack once they get up and running.

I grabbed my second sock from the car on the way to work this morning. I am really trying to get into finishing mode, so I can clear out all my WIPs and work on holiday stuff. I only have two large projects in mind for the holidays. I have been promising my son a blanket for years, quite frankly, and I really need to get that done. I also have promised my best friend a hooded sweater so that is also high on the list. I'm figuring with everything else being fairly small, fairly quick projects, I might get most of them done. Most importantly I am seriously excited about most of these projects so that helps a lot!

I also want to try to work on my IPod Cozy again so I can have a workable pattern. The last 2 attempts pretty much sucked but I have had a few brainstorms about them recently so I will try yet again.

Tomorrow night is the Knitting Group at Barnes and Noble again (86th and second). I have been looking forward to it for weeks. If you're in the neighborhood stop by and say hi! We meet at 7.

Check out CityKnitter's informal survey, she's looking for people's opinions on NYC yarn shops.