Friday, June 25, 2004

Why is it that if I have a deadline, I absolutely won't get a project done in time? I am sure my regular readers know that I didn't finish the teacher's present in time for today, the last day. The good news is that the teachers will still be in on Monday, so I will stop by in the morning and drop it off to him. I really get hung up on these long pieces. It's only 15 stitches in K1, P1 rib, but it has to be 58" and that ribbing slows me down. I did finish the tube that the bottle goes into and it's actually sitting on my kitchen table with a large bottle of Dasani in it. It fits very well.

No work being done on anything else obviously. I am going to start Devan this weekend but it's rather a busy time. We have a cousin's tap show to go to tomorrow. Sunday we visit my mother in the morning, and we have a wedding to attend in the late afternoon, evening. And oh yes it's my birthday. I am planning on celebrating next weekend since we had so many things to do this weekend but my best friend is going to come over before I leave for the wedding so there will be something of a celebratory nature going on.

Have a great weekend everyone...