Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I finished the clogs. I like the way they look although I am toying with shrinking them a little more. Of course I made them a little big because Ian is growing so fast.

Here is the before:

and after:

I have puffy fabric paint to put on the bottoms for treads so in the morning I'll decide if they should go through one more cycle. If not then I'll do the bottoms.

I also swatched for Devan:

I cast on for the Mya swatch, but this morning I realized that school ends next week so that means I am way behind on the year end teacher gift. Avery's teacher likes to go hiking so I thought I would make him a water bottle holder. The only pattern I could find was in Hollywood Knits. So now I have to figure out a good yarn substitute, prefarably from my stash, and make it masculine. I think my work is cut out for me.

I didn't post much last week so I missed the opportunity to comment on the outpouring of grief over Reagan's death. Frankly I sure wasn't feeling it, but since it's a new week I won't get into now, except to share my favorite comic strip, Boondocks with you. Check out Monday's strip