Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So the Devan Along is on. See it even has a button:

It's only 3 of us so far, but I hope more people will join up as we go along. The rules? Really none. If you're knitting Devan or plan on knitting it by then end of the year join up! Chris has already started, I hope to start next weekend. I think Stephanie wanted to start by the end of the month. It's all good. Just have fun. I will post periodic updates on everyone's progress. I will also try to get a gallery together of the finished ones as we go.

I have actually cast aside all my projects temporarily, because I had ordered the Fiber Trends Children's Felted Clog pattern. Ian needs slippers, what can I say. They seem to be going quickly after a few issues in the beginning (much frogging going on until the end of the first 5 rows). I think they're going to be adorable on him.

The shapely got frogged so I'm back at the short rows section. I couldn't quite figure out where I had left off, but I also seem to have screwed up the decreases somehow. So I ripped it out and started again. I think that was best especially since I did one side of short rows better than the other, now I can make them both look good...