Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I have not been exactly productive of late. I did not finish the tie (surprise!) for my husband for Father's Day. Thankfully being a well trained husband of a knitter he was able to show enthusiasm and appreciation for the half-finished product. It is made with Magic Stripes from Lion Brand and is a pattern from their website. It's actually coming out quite nicely but it's over 50" long on size 5s in sock yarn. That means progress is slow.

He gave me permission to put it aside to work on the water bottle bag for Avery's teacher. That is going quickly since it is bulky. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the smaller size needles with me today, so although I finished the body of it, I can't begin the strap until I get home. I did seam it up however so my time was not completely wasted.

I tried to buy the beautiful Memphis colorway from (Threadbear) Rob's blog, but alas I was too late. My Charlotte will come, I am sure, it was just not meant to be...yet.