Monday, June 07, 2004

I have finished a sock:

It came out very well, and it fit my son perfectly. Of course I did check before I started the toe:

It was very easy. I did frog that one time when I was turning the heel, but otherwise it went very smoothly. I did have some problems with the toe. I was working on it in the car and somehow I dropped my last stitches. Then I had to pick them up and of course I had lost a few decreases. I thought I had caught them all, but after carefully following the directions I had for grafting the toe, I looked at it and I had loose stitches trying to run down the sides underneath the grafted stitches. Thankfully I was able to pick them up before any damage was done. I will be sure not to attempt to finish on the road again.

Look what came in the mail for me:

From the lovely guys at Threadbear. There service really is wonderful. As soon as I catch the right colorway for me I will be ordering my yarn for Charlotte. What is this Kureyon for you may ask? A Christmas present! Yes, I am keeping to a new year's resolution (from the year before last) and beginning my presents early. This year it will the theme will be bags. This yarn is destined to be a Booga Bag for a very dear friend who always admires mine. I am scoping out patterns and hope to have a list together in the next few weeks of all the different bags I will be making. My goal is to have a bag as one of my ongoing 3 project at all times so I will be done in time for holiday gift giving with a lower stress level than usual.

Aren't you all impressed?

I haven't heard any interest in a Devan along. Stephanie is interested but I haven't seem to gather anybody else. Still I will be forging ahead. I am going to attempt to make a button for it. Check back Wednesday to see how I did.