Wednesday, February 18, 2004


I have been horrible, I have been extremely neglectful of my knitting. We spent the weekend shopping for a new car, which we now have, more on that later. I have also been way too caught up in the DVDs we've been renting. We joined Netflixand we have been renting things like crazy. My husband and I also went out for Valentine's Day which we haven't done since we had kids. We went to dinner and a movie, 50 First Dates, which was actually really good. Although I always have my knitting nearby I have rarely picked it up. I suspect it is the rebel in me working against the oppression of a deadline. I find that I do not enjoy projects that have a deadline as much as others. Mind you it is a self imposed deadline. It's not like someone is paying me to complete it by a certain date, hell the recipient doesn't even know she's getting the gifts, but I want to have it ready for her shower which is next weekend, in Florida, which means it must be shipped.

I finally had a successful swatch for the shawl, I did it on 15s and it came out quite lovely. Since I cast on however I haven't even finished a full pattern repeat. The towel is chugging along but between my laziness and the small gauge, it's not very far along. I am only up to the second row of boxes. I just have no inspiration to work on these projects in the evening. As I said to my husband I normally would switch off to a small project that I could finish in a day or two to get out of this malaise but I am too close to the deadline to allow myself the luxury of working on something else.

Yesterday we bought a new car, ok new to us. It is a '97 Dodge Stratus and is really quite pretty. It is amethyst which is cool because it's purple, but dark enough so that my husband still feels it's masculine. My dear husband has been trained well, he was telling me about the large compartment between the two front seats. He said that it would be perfect to keep a small knitting project in so I would always have something in the car. You gotta love him...