Monday, February 23, 2004

I can't deny I've become something of a quiz junky. I did this one today, thanks to Brooks over at Bruxknits:

You are plastic.
Futuristic, milky, and silky, you are willing to go
where no crafter has gone before. You can do
just about anything, with strength agility, and
pretty colors to boot! While you are good at
slipping and sliding out of sticky situations,
remember to stay where and when you are needed.
Don't overdo it on star gazing when there's
earthbound knitting to be done!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well there's good news and bad news. I did a bit more on the towel at the Ranger game on Saturday. I've used almost 3 hanks on what should take a little less then 8, so I suppose that's progress. My best friend Maribel went with us and I asked her when the baby is due (the shower is on Saturday), she said in 8 weeks. That's a freakin' lifetime. So I happily picked up some packs of Onesies at Target yesterday for her to take as my contribution to the shower and I will work on the towel set as a gift for when baby comes. Whew!

On the bad news side, I was working on the wedding shawl and I reached the end of a skein and it was no where near where it needed to be. I only have 4 skeins and it was less than a foot completed at the end of one so I ripped it out. I will have to come up with another plan for the wedding gift. Any suggestions? The wedding is on the 6th of March.

Back to good news, this left me open to work on Sonnet, which I did this morning on the subway coming in to work. I completed the first armhole and am proceeding to the back. I love this pattern. I loved it when I did Haiku Christmas before last and I love it even more as an adult pattern. It's also cool because it's so familiar, having done the smaller version. I love knitting it side to side, it's such a different view of sweater construction yet so logical.