Thursday, February 05, 2004

My cotton chenille arrived from Numei. I started the washcloth right away, as it is also my gauge swatch.

I am doing this on 4s. I will have to go up to 5s to make the gauge, although it really doesn't matter much on a towel. I am not used to working at such a small size so my hands get tired pretty quickly. I try to switch off to Sonnet when I don't feel like working on the washcloth but at the moment I've been quite lazy and so not much is done on Sonnet.

I haven't played too much with the shawl. I think I will use the Wave and Shell Shawl. I don't have a ribbon yarn to work with but I have a nice, super soft white acrylic that has been hanging in the stash that might work with the right needle size, 10s however weren't it. I am going to go up to a 13 and see how it goes. I would love to do something more lacy and classy with a lace weight yarn but I just don't have the time, since the wedding is only a month away. Oh well next time...