Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I have cast aside all my projects to get some instant gratification. I cast on this morning for Vanessa's Tiny Felted Bag. I made myself a Special Companion awhile back that I use for my business cards. Tisha has been oohing and ahhing over it for some time, so I thought I would make her the little Kureyon purse for her cards. I started it on the subway this morning and I am already 1/4 finished. That's what I'm talking about!

I am also revisiting the IPod cozy. The one I made came out a tad too short. I have left it sitting on my kitchen table just waiting for inspiration to strike as to how to fix it, but it's not going to happen. So I will make another one add some length and voila my husband will be happy, he has been quite patient about the whole thing. Maybe I should buy an IPod Mini to go in the first one, hee hee.

I wanted to join the Pant-a-Long that Alison is hosting, but when I got my hands on the pattern I discovered that it was definitely not made for my hips. Yes, I could do the math to make it bigger but I figure I will use it as an inspirational project. I've been going to they gym again the past few weeks (having taken a break for the holidays and rush here at work) and I am started the low carb thing that has worked so well for my husband. I carry my weight well and always get shocked looks when I tell people my weight, but I would like to see the other side of 200 again in time for my 35th birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, be sure to go wish Julie over at Booga J a happy one! She toils so endlessly to keep our Knitting Webring in order as well as designing some of the coolest bags out there!
Thanks Julie and Happy Birthday!