Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrating my birth

While most of my weekend was spent endlessly counting books there was some time for celebrating. I took Friday off. Most of the day was spent with the boys just hanging out but Rinaldo and I did escape for awhile with Tisha to go see Wanted. If anyone is interested I actually wrote up a review for Pink Raygun. It's got a bit of a crafty twist to it.

There were presents to be had as well. First up the husband got me some music and a dvd:
Then my darling workers also made their contributions:
See the new Motley Crue!!!

On Sunday Maribel came over and brought the last of the gifts:
Finally I got my Go Knit Pouch, now I can stop complaining, lol.

There was more:
The dyes and blanks came from Knit Picks but the holder and the bottles Bel picked up at the Container Store. She wanted to make sure I was completely prepared.

But the best thing of all? When you teach your best friend to knit there may come a day when it pays off:
It's nice to be loved:D