Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow is it Wednesday already?

The week is getting away from me. Which is unusual to say the least. I spent Monday doing my self evaluation for work, doing evaluations for the two managers who work under me and playing hooky with my husband while we waited to get the car fixed.

Fixed you say? What happened you ask? Well my husband occasionally parks our car on the street. Typically this is because he is going somewhere early in the morning and is afraid someone will have blocked our garage, which happens all the time by the way. Seems that someone noticed the thingie for the GPS on the windshield. It was empty but they figured it must be in the car somewhere. They smashed the window and rifled through everything only to discover it wasn't there. It was actually in the house. I do take some joy in knowing that must have ticked them off a bit, all that nefarious work for nothing. In the end they didn't take anything at all. Anyway we needed a new window so I took the day off to be supportive. We dropped the car off and headed to the movies to see the Incredible Hulk. Which was fun by the way.

There's been some knitting. Some projects finished actually but I'll save that for Friday. Yesterday in honor of the Summer of Socks I decided to pick up the dreaded RPMs to take to knitting group. I've been working on them since last night and I just discovered I am only half an inch away from the toe decreases:

...a-freakin-mazing! I never thought I'd see the day. Maybe they'll get done tonight, maybe, just maybe.

I have been spinning too:

...and a close up:

I've spun every day but yesterday since Friday night I believe. I spend a bit more then 10 minutes but it's been easy to find the time when I'm only aiming for 10 minutes. I hope I can keep it up.