Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer of Socks

I forgot one more gift that arrived on my birthday (do you see how spoiled I am?). My cousin decided to feed my Icelandic candy habit:

The yellow bag is this chocolate licorice concoction that I love. I have one left. There's a bit left of the chocolate bar too. The Opal is next in line to go.


Since it is the Summer of Socks you may recall I decided to finish the RPMs. Well I did. In fact I got right up to sewing up the toe. I decided to compare it to the first one just to be safe and it was a good inch to an inch and half shorter. I got so pissed I ripped it back to the heel, since I'd screwed up there but decided to let it go at the time, put it on scrap yarn and tossed it in a corner. Maybe it will learn it's lesson and behave next time.

I decided to jump back on the horse. I took Shameka's suggestion and cast on for Nutkin. It has an interesting cuff. You knit for 5 rounds, purl a round, then knit for 6 more rounds. You turn it on the purl round and knit the live stitches with the cast on edge, see:

It makes a nice cuff, let's see how much I like it when I'm wearing them. The yarn is my Buffy the Vampire Slayer sock yarn from White Oak. Maribel got it for me last year for my birthday.

I'm loving the way it's turning out:

My plans for the weekend involve house cleaning, dyeing, and spinning. Of course I may just lay around like a vegetable. We'll see.

Happy Fourth of July!!!