Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can somebody please explain...

...where the hell Spring went?

Seriously I feel like I went straight from the grey days of Winter into the (hell) dog days of Summer. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the heat? Have I? 'Cause I do, I really, really do. Plus my whole family is ready to toss me out the window because of my "no air conditioners until July" rule. I know I'm evil but I'm just recovering from paying the heating bills from the winter, I'm not ready to pay the damn electric bills of summer.

Risa and/or Ann be warned, Rinaldo is threatening to invade someone's house if they have a pool. You may wake up Saturday morning to find him swimming around in one of your backyards!

Does anyone knit in this heat? Oddly enough I do, see:

I'm just about ready to decrease on the arm and then finish up the left side. I might have finished this weekend if it hadn't been so freakin' hot. Still nice progress for me and my mojo. I'm hopeful it will be done by the end of the week. I'm making it for a baby shower on the 21st which means I'm in good shape for a change. I had to adjust the pattern a bit for this, my third, kimono. I'm doing it with a DK weight yarn so it will be nice for the summer, babies always need something for the air conditioning. I'm also doing the border in seed stitch just to keep it interesting for me.

Weather Pixie tells me its 93 degrees, that's 34 celsius for those of you who speak metric. I hate it. Swear to the gods I'm retiring to Iceland, screw Florida...