Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning you looked so fine...

I finished something!!! Aren't you impressed? Yes, yes I know it's only one sock but still at this point something is something don't you agree? RPM sure does look fine:

I'm very happy with it. I'm even happier about my mad kitchener skilz. Never in all my years of sock making have I kitchenered a toe without the instructions right in front of me. Yet here I was today, at my desk waiting for my computer to stop acting erratically, grafting the toe on my sock solo. That's right no net, nada, nothing. Just my mad skilz. I've told you before it's the little things that make me happy.

I also ordered yarn for Jeanie. I'm hoping to make it for Tisha's birthday cruise in April. I was going to go for Brooks Farms Acero but I saw someone had used Knit Picks Essential on Ravelry and it looked lovely. It happened to be on clearance at the moment so I went ahead and ordered.You just can't beat $18 over $51. I chose Riverbed Multi. I love brown/blue combos.

While I wait for my yarn to arrive I'm going to cast on for Ice Queen. Maribel's mom has a birthday coming up. I'm going to do it without beads. At some point I'll make one for myself with beads. I'll cast on for the second RPM too but I actually want to make Ice Queen so I need to ride that wave.

Happy Monday!