Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, Monday...

I can't complain today since:

A-I'm on vacation this week

B-my children aren't


C- I got this in the mail on Friday:
My Ravelry queue has grown an obscene amount since it arrived. Let's see there's Darcy, Dusk, Tess, Amory, Haven, Valient, Faith and Cherish (the site for it is down so no linkage, I'll come back and add them later). I'm going to keep Rowan in business for the next year. Sadly my Dark House body did not arrive with the book and I'm not melting away as I expected to when it arrived. I guess I will have to take care of that part myself...damn.

Since I wasn't quite ready to cast on for any of these lovely pieces I decided to spin some Dark House type colors. I went into the fiber stash (dear god yet another stash!) and found this:
the pictures do it no justice this is the closest to the actual colors

It's merino that I picked up for 50% off from Blue Moon at Rhinebeck. Hiro showed his appreciation for it as well:
I have some problems spinning merino. It's seems a bit delicate for me still. I tend to break it but I got better as I went along:

I have about 10oz of this, goddess only knows how long it will take me to spin it all but I'm in love with it so spin it I will.

Happy Monday!