Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I kept telling myself I would blog last week as soon as Ice Queen was finished. I figured it would be done by Wednesday. That didn't happen. In fact it's still not done. The pathetic thing is I'm still on the first cast off row. The picot bind off its super slow for me and frankly I appear to suck at it. Hopefully I'll finish it off tonight at knitting group. The batteries are dead in my camera so no progress shots, sorry.

My vacation last week was disturbingly productive. I donated two huge garbage bags full of my clothes. I cleaned out Avery and my closets which resulted in 3 garbages bags of crap tossed out. I straightened up my books. Sadly I only got rid of a handful of them but Rinaldo put up some book cases in the basement so there's more room for them now.

I'm starting back at work sick as a dog. It appears I'm not quite up to this level of cleaning. It's left me feeling quite bleh. I'm wondering if it's allergies since I noticed some green in the backyard. Either way, yuck.

Can I go back on vacation now?