Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's Wednesday...

I had planned to show you how ice queen is coming along but I accidentally left it at home, along with my lunch. I had taken it with me to Ian's school yesterday. He had a trip to the NY Hall of Science. We had to wait for one of the school buses to arrive. It ended up being an hour late. This meant that I got off to a good start before I ever left the school so I wasn't complaining. Let me tell you lace knitting on a school bus is a form of torture in some countries I'm sure. Particularly since I'm working on my old Needlemaster needles. It's like knitting sewing thread with two unsharpened pencils!

I think I discovered where my mojo went though. I can't locate my number 8 Knit Picks points. I have no idea where they are but I know that most of the projects at the top of my queue are done on 8s. I dug out my old Bates set so I could start Ice Queen. They're not ideal but they'll do until replacements arrive from Knit Picks.

I'm buying two set just to be safe.

Since I don't have Ice Queen shots for you. I'll share some Saturday Spinning instead.
This is Snow Squall, January's selection in the Spunky Fiber Club:

It's Icelandic wool which means I love it even though it's a bit rough. It amazed me how much it still felt like real animal hair though, more so than anything I've worked with before. It spun up nicely:

After a nice long bath in Finesse for course hair, a good beating on my kitchen counters and hanging out to dry. I balled it up:

It keeps getting better. I might actually be a real spinner at some point:D

Only two days left people, two long days...